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  1. lee says:

    Clean my mac notes:

    Look at an app called time machine editor and iPhoto library manager

    Finder Go (hold option key) Library

    Look for large shit

  2. fromapple says:

    Apple Connect Ed Notes

    Education is a fundamental human right for everyone.

    And yet, there is great disparity in our schools and education systems. In fact, many schools struggle to provide the basics despite the dedicated efforts of teachers and families. A lack of equal access to technology and knowledge puts entire communities and populations of students at a disadvantage, especially minorities.

    At Apple, we see the results of this and other forms of inequality every day. Minorities are significantly underrepresented in the technology industry.

    We want to do our part to change this.

    We want to open the vast potential of all the world’s future inventors, future dreamers, and future leaders.

    As a company founded and built on the idea that technology placed in the hands of the many has the power to change the world, we feel it’s our responsibility to act.

    Apple and ConnectED

    We believe that the young minds and young innovators of tomorrow should have every opportunity to realize their potential through today’s powerful learning tools. It’s important to us that our contribution to ConnectED makes a difference for students and communities who need it the most. We’ve chosen to provide our support to schools where at least 96 percent of the students are eligible for the free or reduced-price lunch program. Despite their economic challenges, these schools share a vision of what their students’ lives would be like with Apple technology.

    114 Schools are receiving Apple ConnectED grants to support their educational goals with technology.

  3. lee johansen says:

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